Candle Healing

Candle Healing

Candle Healing
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The use of candles as a tool for therapy dates back thousands of years. During Candle Therapy candles are lit in a pleasing arrangement in the therapy room. These candles can be scented to elicit some specifically desired mood, or they may be unscented and used in conjunction with essential oils.

Chakra candle therapy is balance often paired with crystal therapy specific crystals - associated with each of the seven chakras - are placed with the candles to enhance the vibration and promote spiritual cleansing and balance.Metaphysical Candle Therapy uses a larger assortment of candle colors to enhance focus and visualization

Yellow for mental strength and optimism. 

Orange used for energy building and enthusiasm. 

Pink for emotional and spiritual healing. 

Red for health, love, sex and fertility. 

Purple can be used for spiritual awakenings and wisdom and stress reduction. 

Magenta candles are for spiritual healing. 

Blue for inner peace, tranquility and harmony. 

Teal is often used to relieve stress. 

Green candles can be used for physical and emotional healing. 

Brown is used for balancing and grounding. 

Silver is a color that stabilizes energy and encourages inner peace. 

Gold candles encourage confidence.

Black candles will enhance inner strength. 

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