Self Love Healing

Self Love Healing

Self Love Healing
Per session

Make Love Your Primary Fuel for Life

The Self-Love Healing sessions educates you in research-based practices, supports you to be your best friend, holds you within a simple accountability framework, and surrounds you with a network of people choosing Love as their fuel for life.

Positive Self-Care Habits

Develop a healthy respect for yourself as you develop daily habits that create confidence in your ability to self-care.

Improved Energy & Mood

Love is patient. Love is kind. With love as your motivation you will feel more stable in energy and mood.

A Love Fuelled-life

Experience powerful relief as you finally make Love your most powerful fuel and your highest priority.

Better Quality Relationships

Feel more deeply connected with family, friends and important community groups as your relationship with self improves.

First meeting includes a 30 minute consultation.

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